St. Vincent de Paul Orlando

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Volunteers that are not participating with a program must complete a background check. A charge of $5.16 will apply.

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St. Vincent de Paul Orlando Background Check Authorization Form     

Applicant Disclosure Statement

In connection with your application with Society of St. Vincent De Paul Orlando and a my subsidiary, you may have information requested about you from a consumer reporting agency for "employment purposes" as such term is used within The Fair credit Reporting Act 15 u.s.c. § 1681. This information rnay be obtained in the form of consumer reports and/or investigative consumer reports. These reports may contain information about your character, general reputation, personal characteristics and/or mode of living. The types of information that may be obtained include but are not limited to: social security number verifications; address history; criminal records checks; public court records checks; driving records checks; employment history verifications; and professional licensing/certification checks. This information may be obtained from private and/or public records sources, including, as appropriate, government a l agencies and courthouses; educational institutions; former employers; or other information sources. If adverse action taken from information obtained, in whole or in part, from a consumer  report and/or investigative consumer report from a consumer reporting agency, you have the right to receive a copy of the report(s) from the consumer  reporting agency. The consumer reporting agency which prepared the consumer report and/or investigative consumer report was S2Verify, LLC. S2Verify, LLC can be contacted at P.O. Box 2597, Roswell, GA 30077 or by phone at (770)649·8282 or by email at compliance@s2verify.com.

[End of Disclosure Statement)

I have carefully read, and understand, this Authorization form and further acknowledge receipt of the separate document entitled "A Summary of Your Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act" (available at http://www.52Verify.com/resources.html or as a hard copy provided by) Society of St. Vincent De Paul Orlando and the "Applicant Disclosure Statement" and certify that I have read and understand both documents. By my signature below, I consent to the release of consumer reports and/or investigative consumer reports ("Background Reports") prepared by a consumer reporting agency, such as S2Verify, LLC., to Society of St.' Vincent De Paul Orlando and its designated representatives and agents for the purpose of determining my eligibility for employment, continuing employment, employment retention, promotion, reassignment, volunteering, as an independent contractor for services with Society of St. Vincent De Paul Orlando, or other lawful purposes. I understand that if i Society of St. Vincent De Paul Orlando n a relationship with me, my consent will apply, and Society of St. Vincent De Paul Orlando may obtain Background Reports throughout my relationship with them, if such obtainment is permissible under applicable State law and p Society of St. Vincent De Paul Orlando policy. I also understand that information contained in my application, or otherwise disclosed by me may be used when ordering the Background Reports and that nothing herein shall be construed as an offer of employment or a guarantee of a relationship with Society of St. Vincent De Paul Orlando.