The state of Florida houses the third most prisoners (154,500) in the U.S. and spends $31,500 on each prisoner per year. About one-third of Florida prisoners are back in jail after one year. About 43% are back after 3 years. Osceola County tracked 37 homeless men who were arrested 1.250 times over a 
10-year period and spent 61,896 days in jail. Cost $6,417,905.

The Passport Program 

We conduct weekly training sessions to change behavioral thinking, develop employment skills, set goals and develop a spiritual life outside prison. Upon completion of the Passport Program participants earn a $200 value backpack provided during release from prison. 


Join or Support Us. 
SPCPM is a front row seat to God's miracles happening right now at men's and women's prisons. You can become a SPCPM volunteer and participate in the Passport or Mentoring programs. 

Office phone: (407) 614-2355


SPCPM spends $3,000.00 per man per year to house, feed, clothe, transport and council program participants. 
Donations can be mailed to: 

 PO Box 135,

Ocoee, FL 34671
Office Phone : (407) 614-2355



Not all volunteer opportunities to serve involve going to prison. Pray for us, without prayers, our Prison Ministry cannot happen. People like you are praying continuously for Christ to be present and alive in jail. 
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​Carlos Benitez Program Manager

The St. Peter Claver Prison Ministry is a part of the St. Vincent DePaul Society, a group of Catholic volunteers committed to reducing recidivism in Florida. We started in 2006 with four volunteers mentoring four men at one prison. In 2015, we had 29 volunteers working with 200 prisoners on a weekly basis in six correctional facilities in Central Florida. 
We offer spiritual and practical training programs that start in prison and continue outside the walls. Our goal is to provide the resources, guidance, and encouragement needed for men and women to move on to permanent housing and employment in our community. 

The Mentoring Program

This final phase is the difference maker. Our mentors serve as role models for participants, meeting them at least once-a-week for a year or longer to share life experiences and problem-solving skills. As participants advance to permanent housing and employment, we provide the support essential to success in the community. 

​Who Are We? 

"One beautiful diamond is worth more than a mountain of stones, and one virtuous act of acquiescence
and submission is better than an abundance of good works done for others."

St. Vincent de Paul

Facts about Florida Prisons 



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